Current Job Announcements

AGR Announcements
AnnouncementUSA Jobs Link TitleGrade RankLocation ServiceClosing Date
18-005 Readiness and Training NCO Enlisted, Min E-5/SGT-Max E-6/SSG Stead Army 27-Nov-17
18-008 Assistant Readiness NCO Enlisted, Min E-4/SPC-Max E-5/SGT Las Vegas Army 27-Nov-17
18-009 Recruiting NCO, OML Enlisted, E-5/SGT to E-6/ SSG Statewide Army 28-Nov-17
18-012 International Partnership Specialist Officer; O2-O3 or CW2-CW3 Carson City Army 15-Dec-17
18-010 Sensor Operator Superintendent, positon number 0841026 Enlisted Min E-5 - Max E-7/ MSgt Indian Springs Air Force 29-Dec-17
18-011 Sensor Operator, 0843374 Enlisted E-4/ SrA- Max E-5/ SSgt Indian Springs Air Force 29-Dec-17