422nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion

422nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion

Reasons to Join the 422nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion (ESB)

Gateway to a career...The 422nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion (ESB) offers great opportunities for young men and women seeking mental and physical challenges. We are an organization rich in heritage and with an exciting future. We take pride in the contributions we have made, and in the role we are playing and will continue to play in ensuring our country's freedom and safety.

You are our future. We're ready to lead our nation's defense in the 21st century with fast, reliable information systems and services, but we need smart, highly motivated people in our officer, warrant officer and enlisted ranks to help us do this.

Career opportunities in the 422nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion (ESB) for capable young men and women are great. Our goal here is to provide you an introduction to the Signal Regiment as you make your decisions about your career and future.


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BN S3 - SGM Operations


Battalion Career Counselor/ Retention NCO

19980 Army Aviation Drive
Reno, Nevada 89506-1299




In 1981 the Department of the Army initially directed the 321st Signal Company organize as a Messenger Company. Their mission was to facilitate hard copy message traffic throughout the battlefield. Soldiers from the company brought important information to battlefield commanders that they could not entrust to the electronic commutation systems of that time. They never failed to get a message delivered. As technology advanced, so did the 321st Signal Company. In December 1989 the unit experienced a major reorganization. At this time they switched over to a Light Troposcatter Signal Company with tropospheric radio systems. In 1993 the company received the most modern technically advanced equipment, the AN/TRC-170 (V) 3. This system was lighter and more compact and used the newest High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle, the HMMWV, to deploy.

The 321st Signal Company deployed in support of OIF Two. To fill-out the ranks of this unit, 34 soldiers/volunteers from around the state, 24 of these from the 440th. The 321st arrived in Kuwait, 9 March 2005, to provide inter-theatre communications. After six months of highly successful signal mission, commercialization was pushed through by 7th Signal Command and Tropo was pulled from use. From that point on 321st became security specialists. They provided Camp Security at Buehring for a month and than were moved as a unit to Doha, in Kuwait City. A small detachment of 17 soldiers went to Camp Navistar directly on the border of Kuwait and Iraq, to help provide security. From November 2004 until departure 9 March 2005, 321st would provide security on the busses transporting soldiers of OIF to and from their leave flights.

Since 1990, HHD 422nd and 321 have participated in many exercises, from Grecian Firebolt, Joint Thunder, and exercises in Korea, Japan, Iceland and the Global War on Terrorism. They have provided support and humanitarian aid and relief both locally and nationally.

The Battalion's newest unit designated as the 440th, initially stood up as a Cable and Wire company in 1999. The 440th, located in Las Vegas, NV rapidly recruited and brought their ranks from a readiness and training NCO to well over 200 soldiers. In 2003 the 440th was re-designated as a Power PAC3 (Projection for Army command, control, and communications) Signal Company. This transition made it possible for the 422nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion (ESB) to recruit and reclassify their soldiers in critical signal MOSs and start receiving new equipment. In December 2005, the 440th fielded the first Tactical Satellites in the National Guard inventory. They participated in every communications exercise with the battalion as well as missions for Y2K and special security events in Clark County. Since September 11, 2001 the unit has continually supported the Global War on Terror with soldiers volunteering for deployments. In August and September of 2005 the unit activated a platoon to aid during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Currently, the 440th, now Charlie Company / 422nd is developing and training Homeland Defense teams capable of deploying on short notice to provide voice and data capabilities, not only in Nevada, but Nationwide.

The battalion transformed along with the rest of the Army to an Integrated Theater Signal Battalion (ESB) in September 2006. An ESB Engineers, Installs, Operates, and Maintains (EIOM) up to three major and 12 extension Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4IT) nodes in support of the Combatant Commanders (up to 16 battalion size command posts), Army Service Component Commanders (ASCC), or Joint Task Force / Joint Land Force Component Commands (JTF / JFLCC), across the battlespace. The 422nd will be the only National Guard ESB west of the Mississippi and will acquire subordinate units in Arizona and Alabama.