421st Regional Training Institute

421st Regional Training Institute

North Las Vegas, Nevada

LTC Alvin Bolton
CSM Michael Spaulding


Welcome to the Nevada National Guard Regional Training Institute (RTI) (School Code 1002).
We are pleased that you have found interest in visiting our academy in furthering your military education.


Mission Statement:
The 421st Regiment (Regional Training Institute) programs and provides institutional training within assigned Career Management Fields (CMFs) and Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) missions based on the collective requirements identified by NGB-ART-I (Individual Training Branch), the Army Program for Individual Training (ARPRINT) for the Army National Guard, the United States Army Reserve (USAR), and the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Regiment in support of the Army's Modular Force.  Additionally, the Training Regiment provides operational, training, administrative, logistical, and resource management support as required to accomplish the mission to train the Army Warrior within the State of Nevada as specified and approved by The Adjutant General (TAG).


Strategic Vision:
Commander – A high quality environment that enhances Soldier training, leading to readiness now and in the future by optimization of resources, modernization, and innovative training which will lead the way to readiness for the Nevada National Guard and the Nation.

Command Sergeant Major – A strong enlisted corps that communicates openly and trains efficiently and effectively creating well-trained Soldiers prepared for their call to duty – locally, nationally, or globally.


Our vision is to strive to provide a complete learning experience to anyone, anywhere, now and in the future to improve the readiness of the Army. Soldier development is a continuous, progressive and sequential process made up of three pillars: Institutional Training, Operational Assignments and Self-Development. Our primary focus is on Institutional or classroom training. Our classes help to increase and update the professional knowledge of a Soldier with a secondary goal of satisfying promotion and assignment prerequisites. Operational experience is gained through duty assignments that augment what is learned in the formal education process and Professional Development from individual study, reading, research, and interpersonal skills development.

We exist to provide quality institutional training opportunities to enable Soldiers to meet their educational requirements. The success of National Guard Soldiers depends greatly on the ability of the 421st RTI to provide quality education in a professional environment. In the near future, we can expect one thing for certain, our nation will continue to rely on its Army to promote stability and thwart aggression around the world. It is our responsibility as Soldiers to do everything possible to ensure that we are prepared to contribute to this cause.

For a list of all available courses, check the ATTRS Course Catalog and enter School Code 1002 and click the Search button.

Regional Training Institute provides combat arms, combat support, leadership, military occupational specialty, additional skill identifier and general studies training for the Army National Guard (ARNG), United States Army Reserve (USAR) and Active Components (AC).

The RTI monitors and coordinates academic instruction, food and lodging for Soldiers participating in courses and training at its training sites.

The RTI works in conjunction with the National Guard Bureau (NGB), Nevada Army National Guard, The Army School System and Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) proponent schools as well as its TASS BNs.


Why Train With Us?
Simply because we offer the most highly trained, highly motivated, and extremely dedicated Cadre and Staff west of the Rockies. Training Soldiers is what we do. Check out our web site and see what we offer for courses and then get with your Readiness/Operations NCO and sign up for the course you need.


The 421st Regiment conducts professional development training for:
- Non Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES)
- Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) (ASI 8 qualification)
- Small Group Instructor Training Course (SGITC)
- Military Occupational Specialty Qualification in 25B, 25U (MOSQ)
- Combat Lifesaver Course (CLC)
- Army Combatives