991st Multi-Functional Brigade

991st Multi-Functional Brigade

991st Multi-Functional Brigade

One Unit, Many Missions

Many Units, One Mission

The 991st Multi-Functional Brigade (MFB) is specifically designed to enhance the mission effectiveness of the Nevada Army National Guard (NVARNG) by combining the capabilities of the 421st Regional Training Institute (RTI), 422nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion (ESB), Task Force Aviation and Nevada Medical Detachment (Med Det).  The MFB moves the NVARNG from an organization based around large, fixed-based units to one designed around modular, rapidly deployable, more self-contained elements.  The MFB, supported by sustainment units, employs smaller, tailored forces  to accomplish unique missions and creates a pool of available elements with the organic capability to shoot, move and communicate.



Unit Realignment 

Formerly designated as the 991st Aviation Troop Command, the reorganization enhances the Command and Control and training of the individual units. This transition was instrumental and essential to having the kinds of current and future capabilities and forces needed in the NVARNG.  The Multi-Functional Brigade ensures our Soldiers are well prepared and organized appropriately to operate in expeditionary settings and the domestic environment with our Joint and interagency partners now and in the future.  Driven by both wartime necessities and the need to support the homeland, the MFB aggressively reshaped the force to increase operational capacity.