Chaplain Requirements


What are the requirements to be a Chaplain or Chaplain Candidate?

Obtain a federally recognized ecclesiastical endorsement from your denomination or faith group certifying that you are:

  • Less than 45 years of age with or without prior service at the day of commisioning
  • Qualified spiritually, morally, intellectually and emotionally
  • Sensitive to religious pluralism and able to provide for the free exercise of religion by all military personnel and their family members
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree (not less than 120 semester hours)
  • Posses a single accredited master’s degree, associated with theology, consisting of no less than 72 semester hours.

Chaplain Candidates
Obtain an ecclesiastical approval from your denomination or faith group certifying that you:

  • Are enrolled in or accepted into an accredited graduate program
  • Are a U.S. citizen (includes naturalized citizens)
  • Are a full-time student working toward a graduate degree in theology consisting of 72 or more hours
  • Can pass the military commission physical
  • Meet Army height/weight standards
  • Are eligible for security clearance
  • Are less than 40 years of age at commissioning