From The State Chaplain,

On behalf of the Nevada Army National Guard Chaplain Corps I would like to welcome you to our Web site. On this site you will find helpful information if you are considering becoming a part of the Nevada Army National Guard family, if you are a local church pastor or leader who wants to help soldiers in your congregation, or if you are a soldier looking for resources to help you deal with a variety of issues. We are here for you. Please feel free to check out the information on this site and call us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

For God and Country,

Chaplain Hal Woomer
State Chaplain


Unit Ministry Team

Nevada National Guard Chaplaincy: supporting a spiritually resilient force.

The Nevada National Guard Family
The Nevada National Guard Chaplain Corps functions as a family. Few states have the unity and soldier care attention that Nevada has. Caring leadership, proven results in deployment, excellent training and multiple facilities makes Nevada a great place to serve as a chaplain.