The Nevada Army National Guard is committed to protecting the health of Nevada’s citizens and the environmental resources we share. The Environmental Office provides guidance and oversight for the NV Army National Guard, enabling us to complete our mission with success while protecting Nevada's environment.


The NV Army National Guard's Environmental Policy is part of our ongoing effort to conform with the International Organization for Standards' (ISO) standard for environmental management (ISO 14001.2004). ISO, the world's largest developer and publisher of international standards, has established this standard to help organizations like the NV Army National Guard protect the environment, prevent pollution, and improve our environmental performance.

CAG Environmental Policy

29 August 2017


1. The Nevada Army National Guard (NVARNG) is dedicated to providing units and Soldiers trained and ready for any contingency as directed by the President, Secretary of Defense and Governor. Readiness is our top priority. Our ability to accomplish our mission is enhanced through adequate personnel strength, training proficiency, and equipment serviceability. These activities occur at NVARNG facilities and training lands across the state, nation and OCONUS.

2. The NVARNG is committed to environmental stewardship of our facilities and lands. A sustainable training environment is critical to our continued utilization of these resources. The NVARNG integrates sound environmental management practices into our overall strategic mission goals.

3. The NVARNG is committed to:

a. Maximizing the availability of training lands and facilities to enable Soldier training through the application of environmental stewardship into our strategic goals.

b. Continually improving through our Management Review process. This process allows objectives and targets to be identified and reviewed.

c. Improving the effectiveness of our environmental programs through risk management techniques.

d. Minimizing pollution of our land, water, and air.

e. Maintaining compliance with all applicable U.S. Army, Federal, State or local environmental laws and regulations, and those other requirements to which we subscribe.

f. Considering environmental requirements and impacts early in our force management, training, equipment fielding, and construction planning processes.

4. Adherence to these commitments, and the ISO 14001 standard, is vital to NVARNG readiness and mission accomplishment.

5. The point of contact for this memorandum is CPT Nathan Stromberg, eMS Coordinator, nathan.b.stromberg.mil@mail.mil or telephone 702-290-7205.


Brigadier General, NVARNG
Commander Army Guard