NCODP is a hands-on program, tailored to the unique requirements of the unit. NCODP is a command responsibility. The goal of NCODP is to increase NCO combat readiness at the highest possible level. The program will be designed to improve the professionalism of the NCO Corp by presenting subject matter that is related to the unit's mission and leadership skills. These subjects will help increase unit effectiveness and combat readiness through improving NCO quality, morale, performance and potential. NCODP will be conducted, at a minimum, six IDT periods.

CSMs and 1SGs should focus on the following topics for NCODP or Sergeants Time:
1 - Recruit
2 - Retain
3 - Attrition

NCODP Classes

Uniform Update
Officer and NCO Relationships
NCO Creed Certificate (85 x 11)
NCO Creed Certificate (85 x 14)

Recommended Reading

Command SEL's Suggested Reading List 9 Aug 07

Training Year

TY 08 Events
NCO Focus
Senior NCO Conference